About AlphaECO

AlphaECO is a language school which caters to the need of non-native speakers to be equipped in communicating globally whether studying abroad, engaging in international businesses and work, traveling, or even just daily conversations with foreigners. We strive to teach our learners on how to naturally speak the English language in a fun, fast, and effective way. The school focuses on the practical part of learning as you can see in our variety of programs listed below:

*Callan for kids

*General English

*Callan for Business

*Short-study abroad (The UK, Australia, The US, The Philippines, and Japan [for students coming from different countries to study within a short period of time with us]).

*Summer Camp

Short-Study abroad

AlphaECO believes that in order to continually learn the English language, it should be applied. We welcome Japanese learners to study with us and later study abroad in their country of choice. Everything will be a smooth sail for their short study as we partner with local schools to cater to their needs such as accommodation, study, and local trips. It will be an exciting, enjoyable, and fulfilling time for all the students who are willing to attend this program!

Summer camp

AlphaECO creates a program for kids to learn English during their vacation. This is a week of fun-filled learning with games, food, and friends! This is a fun memory for your kids that you should not miss out on. The counselors and teachers during the camp are from different countries who share their culture. Your kids are able to learn the world-wide culture that will help them to think in a more global concept. 


AlphaECO is located in Inuyama, a central city in Japan known for the 16th-century Inuyama Castle which is around 10 minutes away from the school on foot. Other nearby tourist spots are The Museum Meiji-mura features dozens of restored late-19th-century buildings from the Meiji era. Little World is an open-air museum with traditional houses from across the globe. In summer, local fishermen use trained cormorants to catch fish on the Kiso River. The school is located in a very strategic place for students coming from other countries who want to learn English as well as explore the Japanese culture. 

Why Study with AlphaECO?

AlphaECO is the first Callan Accredited School in Japan that offers both online and offline lessons!

Our school is a Callan Accredited School which means that our teachers have undergone intensive training on how to teach English in a fun, fast, and effective way. We can assure you about the quality of our teachers’ teaching. You can immediately spot the difference between the Callan Method compared to other teaching methods. There is a unique way in which the lessons are delivered and it can not be easily done unless the teachers are well-trained and experienced.

*** We have a Coherent Curriculum

The largely scripted nature of the Callan Method means that students at the same level can expect to study the same material in the same way regardless of the particular teacher they have. Furthermore, the stages of the Callan Method flow seamlessly and systematically from one to the next, ensuring vertical coherence. The content found at the start of Stage 6, for instance, follows on naturally from content in Stage 5, with the new language being introduced but vocabulary and grammar from Stage 5 also being practised/revised, as if there were no division at all between the two stages.

*** We avoid overloading the learner

When they are learning a new word, for example, the teacher asks questions to practise it, but the new word is always surrounded only by language the students already know from earlier in their studies. This enables the learner to focus effectively on the new language without being overwhelmed. Consequently, students are not put under stress and can, therefore, absorb new information and learn more effectively.

*** We encourage fluent speech

A properly trained Callan Method teacher encourages students to speak under their own steam. Although the teacher speaks along with the student during the answer, the timing of this ‘feeding’ is such that it supports the student and enables them to maintain their fluency. If the student needs no support, they will hardly notice that the teacher is speaking simultaneously with them. At no time does the student simply repeat sentences after the teacher. The overall effect is that students feel engaged by the challenge of speaking with fluency and encouraged by the success they enjoy.

*** We immerse the learner in the target language

Students learning with the Callan Method are constantly alert in class, and from the first second of a lesson, they are immersed in the target language, which is continuously being used. When a student speaks, they are engaged by the challenge of communicating as fluently and accurately as possible without first translating into their mother tongue.

*** We offer constant support

Students in a Callan Method lesson are given many opportunities to speak. In fact, they are placed in a position where they must speak; they are not given the option of adopting a passive role. With each question that is asked in class, the teacher indicates a specific student to answer. To the untrained eye, it may look like the student is placed firmly ‘on the spot’. However, the Method ensures that quite the opposite is true. As the teacher finishes asking a question, they seamlessly tag on “the prompt” (the first two or three words of the answer). There are several reasons for providing an immediate prompt, and one of these is that it enables the student to start speaking. Students are never left to search for words ‘under the spotlight’.

*** We cater for learners with mixed abilities

To one degree or another, all language classes are mixed ability, and a challenge for any teacher is to differentiate effectively and carry the weaker learners alongside the stronger ones without the stronger class members becoming frustrated.

*** We have organized assessments for students

In practice, Callan Method teachers assess their students on a lesson-by-lesson basis, as they are always interacting individually with students and are aware of how much support each particular student requires. If a student is felt to be struggling, there are various options. The teacher can give the student in question some simple advice such as to revise certain sections of their book at home, make more use of the Callan Students Practice Area (online or in their app) etc. Beyond this, a school may be able to offer the student remedial lessons or move the student into a more suitable class at a less challenging level. Such measures can be undertaken at any time.

生成AI English Explorers ~ChatGPT英語探検隊~

「AlphaECO New Lesson: 生成AI English Explorers」は、子どもたちの英会話スキルを革新的な方法で向上させるプログラムです。このプログラムは、英会話教育と最新の生成AI技術を組み合わせ、生徒が世界の変化に柔軟に対応できるよう支援します。ChatGPTを用いることで、英語のリスニングやスピーキングの実践的な練習が可能となり、生徒一人ひとりの独自の発想を育みます。AIの力を借りて、子どもたちは自身の英語力をより効果的に伸ばし、グローバルな視野を広げることができます。